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Diana DiMartino

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Okay, I don't usually do this kind of thing: go to see a medium to talk to dead people, but lately, I've been watching the show, "Medium" with Patricia Arquette, based on real-life medium, Allison Dubois (it's a great show; check it out on Netflix, if you haven't seen it; it's won awards!), and my mind started to open up about what it means to live and to die.

I started to become a believer. In spirits that is. This is not to say that I haven't seen ghosts before. I have. Two—one in the girl's bathroom at my undergrad, Sarah Lawrence, (a girl in a long dress with sad eyes), and one in my kitchen in my apt on 17th at Castro in San Francisco. He was dressed in a turquoise jogging suit (no, really!) and was smiling maliciously at me. I burned some sage, & asked him politely to leave. He did.

Anyway, I'd heard amazing things about Diana DiMartino, the co-founder of Center for Balance. A colleague I admire tremendously recommended Diana.

So, my partner & I went to see Diana about her dead dad. Let me just say that there was nothing freaky about it -- no trance state, no weird glass orbs, nothing. No, Diana interprets what your loved one says, and says enough things that support that it's really your loved one.

For example, my partner's dad came through telling jokes, laughing a lot, and said things which clearly indicated to my girlfriend that it was him. His energy was large and warm. He described being everywhere, watching over his family, & said he really misses his "physicality." Notice that he "misses" it—present tense.

My grandmother came through and her energy was very light. Diana said, "Her energy is very different from E's dad's. She's very proper, she says to tell your girlfriend, 'Pleased to meet you," but it's said very properly." Absolutely true! My grandmother always said words in a very clipped, delicate manner, and said that the most important thing to her was to be "a lady." Diana said that my grandmother told me that she leaves the scent of roses for me to signal her presence. Roses were her favorite scent! She used to put the scent on everything from her wrists & behind her ears to her laundry! And, I have smelled roses on occasion since she died.

Diana is awesome: really warm and personable, and she explains the process, which is surprisingly normal for talking to the dead. ;)

I left feeling more connected to my grandmother, thrilled to meet my partner's dad, and happy to be alive in my own physicality, while surprisingly unafraid to die. Not that I want to die, but now, I just don't fear it like I did. Hmmm... It's a good feeling. :)

The Center also offers workshops, intuitive consultations, tarot card readings, and psychotherapy (from licensed professionals). But, I really appreciated Diana and would recommend her to anyone.

June 28, 2010
as reviewed on

Most of the people I’ve met during various classes that she teaches have been long-time, devoted clients. I think that speaks volumes.

I’m going to reiterate what I wrote about Diana in a different review. I cannot express how much Diana has done for me over the 7 years I’ve known her. I met her when I was going through the most difficult time in my life, and had no one to turn to. She gave me hope, and helped me navigate my difficulties until I came out on the other side. Without her, I would absolutely not be where I am today. She was an intrical part of my recovery.

While I initially saw her for an intuitive consultation (i.e., card reading/mediumship), my client relationship with her grew to include taking EFT classes (emotional freedom technique), meditation, counseling, and “life” coaching.

I know, you’re thinking all that sounds very New Age and like a bunch of crap—but Diana is legit. She is warm, intelligent, funny, and wise. Her gifts are unparralleled. I’ve been to more than one psychic, and since meeting Diana seven years ago, I’ve never looked back. And neither have the friends I’ve brought to see her. She’s caring and kind, and candid. She does not sugarcoat, and she will tell you the truth. But the truth coming from Diana brings a sense of calm, because you feel that truth in your core.

Recently I was certified Reiki Level 1 with Diana. Most profound spiritual experience of my life to date. If you’re looking for a Reiki Master, look no further.

If you’re wondering about prices...she’s extremely fair. Cost is on par with the rest of the market for what she does. Worth every penny.

Erin M.
Brighton, MA

June 22, 2010
as reviewed on

I love Diana!!!!! She has coached me for 8 years and has helped me more then any therapist (recommended by my PCP) I have previously wasted my money on. She is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met and an extremely talented healer. Along with coaching she has also performed Reiki healing and acutonics on me, which have worked wonders. I highly recommend Diana DiMartino!!!

Vanessa L.
Jamaica Plain, MA

Winter 2010

In 1994, I was diagnosed with epilepsy after medical tests revealed that I had minor scar tissue in the left temporal lobe of my brain—the location where the functional aspects of speech and memory are maintained. In July 2000, a second set of special medical tests revealed a minor tiumor on the left hippocampus section of the left temporal lobe—the specific location where memory is maintained. At that time, I began weekly Reiki sessions with Diana DiMartino to specifically focus on the reported brain tumor. On October 23, 2000, I had extensive surgery to remove the portion of the left temporal lobe where the scar tissue and minor tumor were contained. The surgeon reported that my surgery revealed that the left temporal lobe did not contain the brain tumor that the July 2000 tests had shown. Since the brain tumor did not exist, the surgeon removed a smaller portion of my left temporal lobe than expected. Thanks to Reiki sessions, the left temporal lobe did not require the surgeon to remove the extensive portion as anticipated, so my speech and memory were not severely reduced as a result of the surgical process.

Lynn Dann, Boston, MA

August 17, 2009

Hi, I’ve been thinking about you a lot, and then got the note about the CFB closing… I’m really sorry to hear about that. My intuition says this is just the beginning of bigger things for you anyway! You changed my life in a profound way and helped me through the darkest time in my life…and I actually think I turned out pretty well despite where I was 4 years ago! And I credit you as one of the people who helped me get here. xoxo Erin

June 24, 2009

I wanted to make you aware that today I got the results from this past Monday's ultrasound and blood tests which monitors my cancer remission. Everything is normal. The oncologists are very pleased with my results, my health, and my long-term prognosis. In speaking with my oncologist, he told me that he recently discussed my case with a peer of his. Combined, they have 40 years of oncology experience at the Dana Farber (generally considered the #2 cancer center in the U.S.). Neither of them has ever seen a case like mine in which an original Stage 4 cancer diagnosis is re-diagnosed as the most highly curable form of cancer. He said from a clinical perspective, it is worthy of being documented in a journal of medicine. Obviously, I am so grateful to be alive and to be in good health again. As one way of paying back, beginning in September I will be trained for Dana Farber's 1-on-1 program in which I am available for phone counseling support for newly diagnosed patients who have the same diagnosis that I have. I will begin doing such counseling next December or January. It will be a labor of love.

Thanks to all of you for your support during the past 1+ years. One of the many reasons that I have done so well is the due to your support. God bless you.


Diana DiMartino has won the Best of Braintree Award in Life Coaching for two consecutive years, qualifying her for the 2017 Braintree Business Hall of Fame

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