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Diana DiMartino

409 Pond Street, Unit 11 • Braintree, MA • 781-885-2643

Mediumship Consultation

When a loved one passes, it’s quite normal, and very healing to reconnect with them. Find out what happened to them, and see if they are safe. Diana will help you, as the medium to your loved ones that have crossed over.

Connecting with Spirit Guides

Your guide is a friend that is always there to love, encourage and support. Miracles do happen, but a spirit guide will 'guide' you in finding your own solutions, through helping you to see the variety of options you have in your decision-making processes. Through a guided relaxation and visualization, you will journey to connect to this being and acquire a technique you will use again and again.

Tarot Readings

Receive answers and guidance through intuitive readings, or just get an overview of the next six months to a year. A tarot deck is used as a tool.

Angel Readings

An intuitive consultation accessing information through the angelic realm. Often this information is what you “need to hear” and not always answers to your questions. An angel oracle deck may be used, otherwise very similar to connecting with your spirit guides.

Transformational Coaching

It is exciting when you start out on a spiritual quest, wanting to learn more and to understand how to put your spirituality into practice in your life. Learn how your abilities can transform your life, awaken the intuition and see clearly the way in which you personally are intuitive and master many other techniques for tapping into your own personal power. This program is defined by the individuals needs and requires a minimum of a ten-week commitment.

Diana DiMartino has won the Best of Braintree Award in Life Coaching for two consecutive years, qualifying her for the 2017 Braintree Business Hall of Fame

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