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Diana DiMartino

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Reiki is a multi-faceted spiritual energy that can be used to help us with meditation practices, spiritual growth, healing relationships, and activating the Divine healing power within all living beings. Reiki is a tool to help us develop “wellness consciousness” and also to understand, on an experiential level, what it truly means to be “One with all Creation.” If our life force is low or blocked, we are more likely to become ill, but if it is high and free flowing, we more easily maintain health and a feeling of well-being. Reiki is usually considered to be a “hands-on healing technique.” This is one application, but it is so much more.


Acutonics® is a powerful, deeply transformational, non-invasive healing system that incorporates, sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field to achieve optimal health, actualization and wholeness.

It involves the application of sound via specialized tuning forks onto acupuncture/acupressure and other points on the body. The Acutonics system and methodology utilizes both energetic point combinations that draw on the ancient and contemporary roots of Oriental Medicine and a system of musical intervals that are created when Acutonics® Tuning Forks are used in combination with each other. When specific intervals are applied on or over points and chakras we are able to open, move, stimulate or release energy.

Past Life Regression

Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe it's possible that you've lived before? Do you believe that you were someone else? Most people do not believe that it's all over when we die. Many believe we come back again…and again…and again so that we may learn lessons in each life and to progress to a better life. History repeats itself and many believe that you continue to experience the same trials and tribulations in each lifetime until you learn important lessons. Most people believe their lives hold a deeper meaning than is obvious through "surface level" analysis. By looking into your past life, you can begin uncovering the purpose for your life today. Whether you believe in past lives or not, going through this type of regression is incredibly relaxing, and many people have been helped with addictions, phobias, bad habits and other disorders.

Chinese Energy Medicine

Without a doubt, we live in a world where we want and expect instant gratification and results. Changes take place within our environment whenever we push a button, turn a key, or click the mouse on our computer. Should we expect anything less from our health? Our minds and bodies have the potential to undergo changes faster than any equipment made by modern technology.

Dr. Yuen's revolutionary technique, Yuen Energetics™ is a method on the cutting edge of energy medicine where changes are possible now and are not just promises for the future. Healing is accomplished in the shortest time possible, and with effortless ease. This is achieved by zeroing in on the root causes of pain or dysfunction and making energetic "corrections," thereby alleviating the condition with amazing speed.

Diana DiMartino has won the Best of Braintree Award in Life Coaching for two consecutive years, qualifying her for the 2017 Braintree Business Hall of Fame

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